Prelam boards


Pre laminated boards generally known as Prelam boards are used for readymade/modular furniture makers or panel processors. TFM or thermally fused melamine is made by fusing a resin-impregnated sheet of décor paper directly to a substrate. There is no Kraft paper used in TFM, and the resulting panel is ready for finishing. The décor paper generally weighs between 60 and 130 g/m2 and is the same as the paper used in the production of HPL, making for easy matching across materials. Heat and pressure activate the resin in the saturated TFM sheet, creating a cross-linked bond with the substrate. This effectively seals the substrate. Particleboard and MDF are ideal substrates for TFM because they are consistent, uniform in strength and free of defects.

TFM decorative panels can be manufactured with enhanced visual and performance characteristics. Surface textures are created with steel press plates that emboss the decorative overlay to heighten the realism of wood grain, stone or abstract designs. Steel press plates can also be used to create or control the gloss level of the surface. TFM decorative panels have excellent scratch and wear resistance. They are widely used in laminate flooring, office furniture, closet system components, store fixtures and cabinets. It is also an appropriate spec in healthcare, hospitality, commercial and retail settings. TFM decorative panels typically require a decorative edge treatment and can be specified with or without edge, and with single or opposite-side face treatments. Due to the performance, design flexibility and cost advantages, TFM offers an excellent option for designers and specifiers.

Most common thermoset resin system based on Melamine is used for this process. Melamine - The resin is introduced into the paper during an impregnating operation. After the paper is impregnated it is partially cured (B stage) using curing ovens. The melamine resin is fully cured under heat and pressure during hot press lamination. The B staged paper has a definite shelf life that varies with temperature and humidity. Melamine resins are fully cured at 300-400 psi and 300-400ºF. They are noted for their hardness, scratch resistance and color stability and are the most commonly used resin in saturated paper overlays.

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