Coatings and paints


Liquid Coatings
There are many types of liquid coatings used as industrial decorative surfaces. Coatings can be water or solvent-based, and chemistry advancements continue to provide increases in performance of both types. Both families of coatings are used in finishing cabinets and furniture, exterior siding, millwork, trim, flooring and fixtures.

Water-Based Acrylic Latex Coatings
These coatings are used in industrial, commercial and residential settings and are formulated for both interior and exterior applications. Manufacturers can modify these coatings with different types of resins and cross-linking agents to extend the service life and exterior durability of the coating system. These additives also improve the chemical, corrosion and water resistance properties.

One of the advantages of water-based coatings is their lower VOC content, which reduces their impact to indoor air quality. They are also superior to other coating types in their exterior durability and color retention, which is a function of the acrylic resins used in the formulation. However, these coatings do not perform as well as solvent borne coatings in chemical and wear resistance.

Solvent-Based Coatings
The higher VOC nature of solvent-based coatings limits their use primarily to industrial settings that are equipped with specialized air handling and treatment devices. These coatings can be modified with urethanes, epoxies, nitrocellulose, alkyds and acrylics to impart certain performance qualities.

Solvent-based coating systems are widely recognized for their outstanding chemical and wear resistant properties. This family of coatings is used for high gloss finishes that have superior abrasion resistance. Their toughness and performance properties are among the reasons they are extensively used in the furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing business. In addition, there is minimal grain raise and fiber swell with solvent-based coatings, and the finish is easier to touch up and repair if damaged.

Ultra-Violet (UV) Coatings
The main difference with this coating type is how the coating is cured or dried. UV coatings have special ingredients that react almost instantaneously with UV radiation. This results in a significantly faster curing process. As a result, UV coatings are extremely tough, durable and long lasting. They are mainly formulated as clear coats and sealers.

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