Edge banding technologies


Manual edge banding :
These are the smallest range of edge banding machines operated manually. It consists of a glue roller, which takes the liquid hot melt glue from a heated glue pot and applies it to the edge band or to the panel surface as the case may be. The surface with edge band is pressed against a pressure roller to get a good bonding. The entire panel is then taken to the trimming machine for trimming off the edge overhang on all four sides. In these machines the work- piece has to be moved manually at a speed of edge transport speed.

Automatic Edge bending:
The machine works on a similar principle except the panels are fed continuously one after the other. The panel is carried along by the conveyor. When the panel comes to the first station, the edge is applied with hot melt glue. The edge material comes in a roll and is chopped off by a knife after the panel has passed. The panel is taken to various other stations in line for end trimming, flush trimming, corner rounding if required, scrapping and buffing.

Trimming :
Trimming machine is used to trim the additional edges left after manual Edgeband operation. It’s a very simple and low cost machine. Trimming can be available with scrapping or buffing operations also.

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